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Borussia Dortmund

Rocking emma

For children from the ages of 10 months to 3 years, BVB was looking for a cute premium to sell in their fan shops. Loopper Special Projects came up with the idea of a rocking horse in the shape of the BVB’s mascot, called ‘Emma’. The rocking horse was entirely created by our in-house design team and was then produced in China. The Rocking Emma is made of wood and plush.

Emma bank

BVB is always looking for new and innovative products to sell in its fan- and web shops. Loopper created a piggy bank in the form of the mascot of BVB, called ‘Emma’. Within just a few days the full concept was down on paper by our in-house design team. Simultaneously, our Chinese colleagues tested the feasibility of the project at several factories and our account managers were responsible for the very competitive offer. As a result of the close cooperation between all parties, the final production could start within just one week after the introduction of the concept.

Loopper has produced several premium sets for BVB. These premium sets are offered for free to clients who spend a certain amount in their fan- or web shops. These sets contain different products: stickers, pens, post-its, keychains, beer opener, stamps, playing cards, luggage tags, book marks. All sets are completely personalized and produced with care.


BVB had the wish to sell several office supplies in their fan- and web shops. One of these office utilities was a notebook. The notebook is personalized with the logo of BVB embossed onto the cover of the booklet as well as on the inside.

A4 folder

BVB aspired to expand their assortment of office supplies sold in its fan- and web shops. Besides the notebook, Incentive Europe also created and produced a custom-made A4 folder with the logo of BVB subtly incorporated into the cover.


For the youngest fans of BVB, Incentive Europe created and produced the so-called ‘Baby book’. This booklet is made of very soft material in which different touch-and-feel elements are included. Fittingly, these elements are mainly related to football and the mascot ‘Emma’.


Ofcourse animals cannot be left behind.. That is why our in-house design department came up with a tailor-made birdhouse, all-in line with the style and colors of BVB.