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Bamboo cups

During the summer this premium has been offered in around 900 Kruidvat stores throughout The Netherlands. The product was supported by TV, radio and print advertising. Nivea is soft, good for your skin and caring. With these elements in mind we came up with a trendy, colorful and sustainable premium. We designed and produced the bamboo cups from start to finish. Thanks to this very successful premium, Nivea’s sales goal has been achieved.


Beach ball

Probably the best-known beach ball across Europe: the blue and white colored Nivea ball. Loopper received the honourable task of producing this summer’s must-have. For entire generations this beach ball represents a happy feeling and playing on the beach during the summer holidays.

Activity book

With the aim to entertain the little ones Loopper received the instructions to come up with an original and challenging booklet. Our graphic design department let their imagination run wild and within moments the designs of the many drawings, assignments and stories were ready. Due to the big success of this first booklet two sequels have been produced since.


Hammam towel

Also known as the summer giveaway of 2015. Like every year, Nivea organizes a big promotion during the summer season and this year they had asked Loopper to produce various hammam towels. These towels are ideal for the beach, in the sauna or for the park. Where our graphic design team was responsible for the design of the towels. Our account managers, the office and factories in China were responsible for the entire production and transportation process.